Residential Micro-Appliance That Grows Food

One of the deepest needs as humans we have is for a sense of control. When we feel as though we are not in control, the experience is a powerful and uncomfortable reaction. We are programed with a sense that we need to be in control of our environment. Our subconscious mind gives us solid biochemical nudges when we face some kind of danger.

There is a noticeable shift in our society’s relationship with food and an increased appetite for organic and nutritious choices. People are realizing that they have lost control of where their food comes from and the growing process. Individuals and families are increasingly aware of their role and responsibility in feeding themselves and their families and are looking for solutions that are in their control and local. Now home buyers are beginning to add “gardening” to their “must have” list, buyers are looking for food system solutions – why not in a residential micro-appliance that grows your food.

Overcoming Growing Barriers

Research shows that some of the physical, and imagined, barriers in growing one’s own food is time, education, the elements, space, and dirt. Thanks to innovative individuals and teams, new products and concepts are popping up everywhere that eliminate those barriers.  One unit in particular that can be drawn into the blueprints of a new home development, or retrofitted into your existing home renovation, is The Urban Cultivator. A residential indoor micro-appliance, the size of a dishwasher, which will fit naturally under your kitchen counter.

1. Time: Choose your seeds, your settings, fertilize once a week, and grow. 2. Education and/or Experience: Automated controlled environment with customized organic plant food. 3. Elements: Automated to control humidity, temperature, and watering. 4. Space: The size of a dishwasher. 5. Dirt: Grower’s choice; soil or soilless.

Green Thumb Not Required

We call this white glove gardening. An all-in-one home gardening system with automation features. No mess, and stress-free with the ability to grow up to 35 varieties of greens. Micro controlled environment agriculture technology packaged in an attractive, high-quality appliance. Pre-program your growing cycle and it will automatically control the light, fan and watering of your indoor garden.

Growing your basic micro greens, basil, and arugula, or challenge yourself to more adventurous ones, like shiso and komatsu. Families can teach their kids and friends how to grow healthy alternatives with convenience. This is the kitchen appliance that will be a conversation starter at dinner parties. This is future of kitchen appliances.

Micro-Appliance for Your Residence

The upscale appliance for the 21st Century plumbs into city water and electrical just like a dishwasher.

Urban Cultivators micro-appliance for your kitchen.

Urban Cultivators residential micro-appliance for your kitchen.

Custom Urban Design

Designing homes with wellness and health in mind. Now people can live their values through healthy living starting at home. Health-focused mandate, and the media exposure have been known to almost pay for the cost of all the units used in their development project. Designers can choose from several various designed. Appliance can fit under the counter or as a standalone unit. Designers can choose from several butcher-block designs such as maple, stainless steel, oak, cherry and walnut. The display door is available in clear glad, half tone screen, dark tone tint and frost.

Design with micro-appliance in mind:

  • Interior designers
  • Developers
  • Builders
  • Chefs
  • Garden enthusiasts

Plan your space:

  • Rec room
  • Garage
  • Pantry
  • Bar

Grow healthy choices:

  • Grow hard to find greens
  • Eat fresh produce daily
  • Learn to grow microgreens
  • Challenge your senses

Blueprint for Successful Developments

Developers have been including them in their new residential development projects, gaining a marketing edge over the other developments in their area. With the enthusiastic media running stories about innovative design, solutions focused developments, and unique stories. Developing homes and condos with the end user in mind at this level will set you apart.

For specs and development packages click here.

Keen supporters of the Urban Cultivator residential micro-appliance.

  • Martha Stewart continues to support the Urban Cultivator on her website, blog and show. 
    “We’re having great fun using the Urban Cultivator. Amazing product.” — Martha Stewart
  • The Jamie Oliver Foundation actively endorsed this product.
  • Ned Bell is an advocate and early adopter.
  • Arlene Dickensen investor on the Dragons Den and became a partner in the Urban Cultivator. 

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