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Exclusive, rustic luxury vacation resorts nestled in the Pacific Northwest are few and far between. Here is your introduction to a 5 acre Island in a setting that’s as exclusive as it gets.  Vacation island exclusivity with the travel options of arriving by car, boat or float plane!

Sunset Island Hottub View

Rustic Luxury Vacation

Sunset Island Resort is an exclusive 5 acre private island nestled in the breathtaking fjords of Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The ‘off-grid’ rustic luxury vacation island is surrounded by crystal clear waters and flourishing wild life. From the old growth forest to the abundance of eagles, bears, beavers, dear and fish, your senses will always be blessed by nature in it’s glory.

This protected Island in the Pacific Northwest is an oasis of unspoiled beauty at its finest. With similar values as Sir Richard Branson when developing Necker Island (located in the Caribbean), Sunset Island owners had a vision to protect the natural beauty of the Island and its surroundings. A private, sustainable, home away from home, for their family and guests.


The landscape of this island is of dynamic contract: sand and pebble beaches; moss beds; craggy cliffs; fresh, clear mountain lake water; tall, sky high trees more than 500 years old. Protecting the nature ecosystem of the Island is high on the owners agenda, with a strong commitment to sustainable development and a massive respect for the environment. Conscious development practices protect its natural beauty while making a minimal impact on the environment. Though once undeveloped and uninhabited it is now kissed with human inhabitants.

Island Amenities

Originally inhabited by a one room shack (now fittingly called the Love Shack), Sunset Island Resort has been transformed into a resort. Some of the amenities include:

  • 3 separate accommodations that conformably sleep 19 people
  • 2 docks
  • 1 large grassy lawn area for sports, tanning or picnicing
  • 1 fully-equip stage for live outdoor performances
  • 1 cliff diving diving board
  • 3 private beaches
  • a private campsites that accommodates dozens

Water skiing, fishing, ATVing, hiking, and swimming make for a perfect backdrop for artists, poets, weddings, family reunions or romantic get-a-ways.

Lawn Games Sunset Island

Natures Foot Print

Living with nature has been a mantra on the island from day one of development. All accommodations and structures are constructed from timber harvested and milled from the island. No drywall here! The power comes from a run-of-the-river water turbine. The waste water is pumped through the old growth forest to nourish the trees. We are rewarded with the knowledge that Sunset Island provides modern luxury and comforts within a minimal foot print on nature!

Power System Design

3500 feet of 2 inch diameter pipe brings water from a near by stream. The water pipe pick up is about 350 feet higher than the island. This provides 160 pounds of static water pressure which is harnessed to provide power and water for living, irrigation and fire protection. Power is produced by directing some of the water through an ES&D water turbine.

A water turbine has a distinct advantage over Solar and wind power due to the fact that it runs 24 hours a day – every day.

The power output is only about 400 watts, however when multiplied by 24 hours/day, it is the similar to running a 10 KW generator for an hour /day. When efficiently harnessed and augmented with propane appliances, it is enough to power the whole island!

The constant charge from the water turbine is directed to charge a battery bank of 8- 6 volt batteries. The batteries then supply the power to 2 – 3500 watt Outback inverters which convert the battery DC power into household AC power.

The power draw of the island is designed to be very efficient using low consumption lighting, timer switches for fans and the hot tub, energy smart appliances and propane appliances. The heavy power draw is in the mornings as coffee pots, microwaves, toasters and blow dryers are put to use. When the power consumption draws the batteries down a back up diesel generator automatically starts to match the shortfall then shuts off when not needed.

Book Your Vacation With Nature

So while you’re planning your vacation this summer, put some more thought into the location, the impact it will have on the environment, how your family and friends will benefit, and what a needed break meant to you. Make a conscious choice and choose to vacation with nature, a rustic luxury vacation.

*More information on how to book Sunset Island Resort here.

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