Start Your Fall Garden Planning Now

The Urban Organic Gardener aka Mike Lieberman educates us on getting our plant planning started now for fall. It is after all just around the corner (sigh).

His Veggie Virgin Formula helps us determine the appropriate plants for our gardens depending on our USDA zone. Just enter your zip code into the search bar and it will return which exact hardiness zone you reside in. Once you know your zone you can download your corresponding plant-by-month chart. The chart tells you specifically which plants are to begin growing in which months. Eureka!

It doesn’t stop there. Now you will need to determine how much sunlight your balcony, patio, deck or yard receives throughout the day. To do this you will need to monitor your garden space during the day and take note of how many hours of sun versus shade you receive. And remember, it will change with each season!

Finally, you can choose which veggies to grow from your downloaded chart. You will narrow this list down depending on how much sunlight you actually receive in your garden area.

The Veggie Virgin Formula is an awesome planning tool and you might just learn something new by following it! To see Mike’s complete step-by-step click here.

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