Thanksgiving Message: Why I Won the Lottery of Humanity

By Emily Rodgers | Editorial

In honor of today’s holiday, Thanksgiving, I’d like to share how I believe I’m lucky enough to have won the lottery of humanity.

I was truly blessed to be born in a small harbor-front town on Vancouver Island off the West Coast of British Columbia. I was born to parents who believe strongly in the freedoms that our culture upholds: freedom of speech, expression, thought, and above all, access to information. I was raised to value life-long learning, to stay curious, and to always be grateful for each gift of insight that was passed on to me. It was instilled in me that every encounter with a new person or idea was an opportunity to learn about myself, and to stretch my own limits of comprehension.

Above and beyond the infinite knowledge and growth I received from my parents, I was also fortunate enough to have a sense of community and “giving back” instilled into the fibre of my being. Social responsibility was not an option in my home – it was a way of life. Being an older sister to my younger brother, I naturally feel a sense of responsibility and accountability towards others. My brother has always had an innocent soul, with a perpetual optimism that’s so contagious it has notably saved me from some dark moments. Being raised in a household of three generations of socially-conscious hearts helped me forge my own foundation of empathy. This compassion combined with my constant need to seek information is what no doubt led to my destiny to help found PowerHouse Growers with my business partner, friend, and mentor, Tara.


Our values instantly aligned. This type of natural chemistry comes along once in a lifetime. Again, how lucky am I to be part of a mastermind alliance with someone so creative, supportive, and forward-thinking? Though Tara and I didn’t know much about the realm of sustainability and environmental issues when we began to carve out our voice in this field, we did immediately connect with the passion of those who’ve devoted their lives to these causes.

It’s only now that we’re a year and a half into this way-of-life called PowerHouse Growers that I’m starting to connect the dots. I’ve been given a gift in this lifetime that I feel so strongly about, that’s it’s not only my job to utilize it, but rather it’s my responsibility. PowerHouse Growers is a publisher of information and solutions that are vital to solving some of the leading crises and tragedies of our time. My gift is my ability to communicate and articulate the messages that I believe in, and that I have believed in my entire life. It’s thanks to my parents and grandparents that I have the ability to recognize the growing need for spreading awareness by evangelizing these messages with confidence. It is because of Tara that there’s an authentic platform to share it from. And it’s because of our readers that we even continue to do it.


The content we publish on PowerHouse Growers is really – in its simplest sense – an expression of all there is to be grateful for. We have dedicated individuals residing on this planet who bring us innovation, creativity, design, growth, strength, resilience, education, and assistance. We’re surrounded by individuals who have formed organizations that have developed new and useful technologies, designed better cities, produced healthier food, integrated beautiful urban vegetation, and restored hope to struggling communities. We live in an age where we’re free to create positive solutions, help out fellow human beings, and leave individual legacies because there’s nothing stopping us except our own thoughts.

It’s my wish that the readers of PowerHouse Growers find gratitude in the information we publish. I hope that you feel an appreciation for what’s being accomplished all around you. I pray that this information provides long-lasting benefits to those seeking sustainable solutions. This is how I give back each day and my main concern is that others feel compelled to give back as well.

From myself, Tara, our team, and all those who have made PowerHouse Growers possible, we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday that’s full of compassion, sharing, and gratitude.


About The Author

Emily Rodgers
Emily is Editor and Co-Founder of PowerHouse Growers. Having found a passion for sustainability, she seeks to be on the cutting edge of ecological urban design. Emily's mission is to help others see the value in social and environmental responsibility so they may live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. By delivering relevant, useful, and educational news and articles that inspire action, Emily believes that all individuals, businesses, and city officials can do their part to collaboratively create sustainable communities.