Top 5 Design Eco-Christmas Trees

At this time of year individuals are contemplating whether to buy a real Christmas Tree or design Eco-Christmas Trees.  U.S. customers bought about 33 million real trees last year compared to 14.7 million artificial trees according to the National Christmas Tree Association.

As we know, real Christmas trees are not taken from the forest anymore, they are grown on a plantations that spread throughout the United States and Canada. However, these trees are often grown with pesticides that are toxic to the ground and indoor use could affect people’s health. In some state, like California, where the issue about drought has been going on for almost three years, artificial trees are the best solution for the environment.

Design Eco-Christmas Trees

These artificial trees don’t use unnecessary water.  An artificial tree can be reused, they are inexpensive, eco-friendly and many of them have unique design elements.Here’s a list of the top five Design Christmas Trees you should look at this year:

5. Birch Plywood Christmas Tree. By, Annie Paso


This elegant Christmas tree is handmade  in Scandinavia. Very stylish and chic gives home a true Scandinavian flavour.

Material:  Scandinavian birch plywood

4. Lightree. By, SLIDE


This special lamp coud bey use indoor and outdoor and works with LED battery.


3. Natale Round Copper LED Tree.


The Habitat Natale round copper LED tree emits a warm glow from 81 low-energy LED’s encased in pretty, berry-like shapes.

Material: Metal

2. Recycled Cardboard Christmas Tree. By, Massimo


The Massimo tree, made of 100% recycled cardboard, combines modernity and tradition.

Material: 100% recycled cardboard

1. Christmas Tree. By, Seletti


This particular shape is obtained with small pieces of refuse woods, stick all together by a support

Material: Refuse woods

The National Christmas Tree Association does have their own list of reasons they believe real Christmas Trees are the best choice. If you are looking for alternatives,and to add some artistic flare to your Christmas, you may want to look into these design Eco-Christmas Trees. DIY Christmas Tree projects, for building your own Christmas Tree, is also a great idea. Perhaps you already have your tree for Christmas for this year, but there’s not time like the present to plan your tree for next Christmas!

Feature image via, Decozilla

More information on recycling your Christmas Tree.


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Lucia Ortolani is an Italian Engineer, born in Italy and graduated in University of Bologna (IT) 2014. During her study she found the passion for sustainability and anything that concern environment. She had some research about the possibility of creating concrete by using recycled plastic instead of gravel and other design project that involves green technologies. Lucia belives that urban design and sustainable architecture could improve people's life.