Urban Gardening for Seniors

There are several ways that seniors can remain involved in their community and stay healthy. Urban gardening for seniors is a great option for accomplishing both of these. The health of our seniors continues to be a concern, especially for those living in urban areas. The health of our seniors needs to be paramount. Ongoing questions arise about how we can continue to care for them while supporting their quality of life. Seniors living in the city are not always visible because of the pace that’s been set in urban areas. It often goes unaware, but there are many seniors living in our cities who struggle with transportation, resulting in inaccessibility to required medical attention, fresh produce and social events. Our aging community requires guidance and support to find suitable solutions for their economic, social, and environmental wellbeing.


Vertical gardening solutions for seniors.

Seniors Access to Health and Wellness in the City

Seniors are faced with many challenges. Often, these are the things we take for granted in our daily lives. Furthermore, for seniors living in cities, these struggles are amplified. Loneliness and fear can set in from a feeling of isolation. To correct this, it’s important to remind our seniors to pursue activities that are both healthy and social, like getting outside and walking. Choosing a location for seniors to live that enables freedom to get outside is vital to their urban health. Buildings with access to green space like roof top gardens, courtyards, or in proximity to parks are important design elements for seniors lifestyles. Seniors centers that cater to greater mobility are the best option for our aging population.

Gardening for Seniors in the City

Opportunities for seniors to explore gardening are now more widely available. Gardening is a great way for seniors to build social circles and stay active. The only thing that holds some people back is not knowing how to take the first steps. Here are some green considerations for choosing a senior’s location that’s conducive to gardening activities:

Community living for seniors health and wellness. Image via ChoiceConnections.com.

Community Living

Many seniors today opt for social housing and community living to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Most of these facilities are now called retirement communities and they organize social activities, and nature tours, and are home to walking paths and gardens. Most charge a substantial fee which includes housekeeping, meals, social events, utilities, and even a resident doctor. If income is an issue there are generally elderly care programs that provide resources and income assistance.

Creating an urban lifestyle for seniors that not only maintains but enhances their quality of life is important to the overall sustainability of our cities. 

Feature Image: Urban health for seniors. Image via Seniors 101. 

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