Urban Gardens For College Students

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Being away at college can really cramp your sprouting style. There are solutions however, to managing plants indoors with limited sunlight and time. Here we present you with some examples of flexible fauna perfect for your dungeon. I mean, dorm.

Best Indoor Plants For Your Dorm

Growing plants in your confined space will not only make it feel more hospitable but it will also produce better air quality by absorbing toxins. Depending on your sunlight conditions you may want to consider purchasing these plants at maturity. Some of your best options will include:


We all know it’s virtually impossible to kill a cactus. They need moderate sunlight (keep near your window), and minimal routine watering (once a week or when dry). As a caution, don’t forget about this plant just because it is extremely low-maintenance. It will still die from neglect.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most common house plants. Like a cactus, it will require moderate sunlight. Not too much or the leaves will brown. Water it about once a week to full drainage. You can use their leaves to heal burns and cuts.


This plant will be sure to freshen up your room. Lavender plants however, need a lot more sunlight for optimum growth. Monitor your room’s sun patterns before bringing this one on board.

Snake Plants

Another hard plant to kill when regularly cared for. It will require moderate sunlight and thorough watering once a week. These plants, when regularly maintained can live a very long and happy life.

African Violets

These plants are great for air purification and other health benefits. They require filtered sunlight and watering from the bottom. In my experience, too much sunlight will burn this plant so keep an eye on it if you have it near the window.

Air Plants

These plants are the cool kids on the block. They don’t need soil as they absorb all their nutrients from air and dust. Plus you can do awesome decorative things with them and they are actually fun to take care of. To care for them, you immerse the entire plant in water (preferably rainwater) every couple of days, or until the plant has fully dried. Keep it near a window which should be left open from time to time so that the plant will absorb the air. Here is a great DIY video from Urban Dirt on air plants.

Let us know what other plants you have successfully grown in your dorm room.

Photo Credit: Snake Plant from RealPalmTrees.com

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