The Urban Lifestyle – Defining A Sustainable Way Of Life

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Architectural Concept, Oasis, downtown Singapore. By WOHA Designs.

The world is changing. There is an increasing population who know we can’t continue consuming mindlessly, fueling our bodies with unhealthy alternatives to food, and putting our own immediate needs before those of our communities. We are in a position to make this change and ensure our children have enough food, water, and resources to raise their children to be healthy and happy.

Enter The Urban Lifestyle.

At PowerHouse Growers, we’ve taken a growing trend and turned it into a complete way of life. The Urban Lifestyle was designed by a team of people whose purpose is helping others make a global difference starting with their local community.

Here we outline for you what exactly is The Urban Lifestyle. Why it’s important. Who lives it and who benefits from it. Where it’s taking off. And how to start living it.

Let’s make a dent in the universe.” — Steve Jobs.


Bike lane in Vancouver’s Gastown Neighborhood.

Urban Lifestyle Crash Course – What Is It?

A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group located in a high-density urban population. Passionate about urban and organic gardening, the environment, sustainable urban development, and the complete future of the community you live in. You are aware of every decision you make and you consciously and deliberately make impacts on your city for the better.

Urban Lifestyle Commitment – Why Live It?

By 2030 70% of people will be living in urban locations. This means more consumption, waste, and energy use, which lead to a greater need for sustainable solutions. Living The Urban Lifestyle will ensure you are doing your part to positively contribute to these solutions. By being socially aware of the choices you make as individuals in these urban areas will have a large impact on the world as a whole today and will have a snowball effect for our future generations.

Urban Lifestyle Profile – Who Lives It?

The lifestyle was designed for Generation Y – 18 to 40 year old individuals living in high density urban settings who feel solidarity with their community and with others who have the same set of values. Maybe you’re an expert on growing your own food or creating your own renewable energy. You’re enthusiastic, socially aware, progressive, community-oriented, diverse, cutting-edge, committed, and solution-driven. You love the amenities and programs offered by your city which include farmers markets, community gardens, food and beverage events, music and art festivals, and charity funds that support other locals. You’re a conscientious consumer and are very aware of your own global impact.  You’re adventurous and like to try new things. You’ve made all this part of your lifestyle.

Because of Gen Y, the hard work of the Baby Boomers from the environmental movement will pay off. The Urban Lifestyle goes viral.


An Intensive Green Roof, New York City

Urban Lifestyle Top Dogs – Which Cities Lead The Way?

There are certain areas which are embracing The Urban Lifestyle, and paving the way for other communities around the world to model themselves after these trendsetters. In North America, Urban Lifestyle top dogs include Seattle, New York City, Portland OR, Boston, San Francisco, and Vancouver BC.

Besides their high density urban populations, these cities also exhibit initiatives on sustainable urban planning, zero waste programs, urban community gardening programs, stormwater management promotion, bike lanes and rental programs, air quality improvement, and green building initiatives to name a few.

To learn about the top dogs of the world check out this article by Smart Planet: Top 10 Cities Leading The Way In Urban Sustainability.

Urban Lifestyle Like A Boss – How To Live It.


   Patch Herb Planter. Photo by

If you’ve decided that The Urban Lifestyle is for you then you will need some ideas to get started. You can begin with the basics such as starting your own urban garden to grow your own vegetables and herbs, joining your community garden, dining at farm-to-table restaurants, supporting local sustainable businesses, and utilizing your city’s sustainable programs and resources.

If you think you’ve got all that covered then you may choose to live in a LEED certified apartment building, produce your own solar energy in an off-the-grid program, choose an eco-tourism vacation, or team up with your city and start an Urban Lifestyle program to promote it in a fun and engaging way.

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