What is Green Real Estate

What is Green Real Estate and Why Should it Matter to You

By PowerHouse Growers | Green Real Estate, Urban Design

We’ve all  read articles on green buildings, green infrastructure, and green policies. So what is Green Real Estate?

Green Real Estate is a renovation or new construction (of a home or building) built while keeping the biological surroundings and source materials at the forefront. As a result producing high-performance structures. Enhancing our home and buildings for maximum occupant and environmental health and well-being. Green Real Estate works best when it’s part of a complete green infrastructure configuration.

Nature provides resources for us to use. Considerations such as building materials, harnessing natural resources when available, use of sustainable/renewable energy systems, rainwater management, and air quality can all contribute to Green Real Estate.

Green Infrastructure.

Green Infrastructure

The movement towards healthier homes and cities has brought an increase in awareness in green infrastructure. Green infrastructure is when people inhabit nature, providing an ecological framework for the social, economic and the environmental health of our built environment. These are high-performance spaces that can also include the following:

  • Food systems and production
  • Clean water – recycled water
  • Climate harnessing sun, wind, air, water and using them for maximum efficiency

Building green systems and incorporating the above with a green home is sure to add value to your health, your families health, and the health of your community.

Green Real Estate Market

The real estate markets interest in green real estate, on new and existing buildings, is on the rise and there is no end in site. Organizations such as the World GBC, WELLNESS and Delos – who is defining Wellness Real Estate – are educating home and business owners on the importance of healthy homes, hotels, and professional buildings. On a micro level, home owners are seeking healthy, green real estate more than ever, and sourcing real estate agents that are certified in Green Homes.

Sustainability experts, industry leaders, and professionals specializing in sustainable buildings are starting to bring together their wealth of expertise. Collaborating and, educate and network with each other. Green building practices are becoming more feasible and opening doors for us to be a more conscious investor and homeowner.

  • Sustainable Development Forecast
  • Immerging Technologies
  • Green Building Policies & Incentives
  • Certified Green Buildings
  • Green Real Estate Certifications

So what is green real estate and why should it be important to you? To find out more use the following resources:

World Green Building Council Green Home Guide.

National Association of REALTORS® Green Designations for REALTORS.

Attend the Green Real Estate Forum.

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